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US Colleges

Colleges are the seat of higher learning. These are the places for you after you complete schooling and outgrow the need for dorm life and keg parties. Depending on your interest and abilities, you can choose from a wide variety of subjects to further your studies in college. The US colleges offer quality education in lots of subjects.

The US colleges offer two types of degrees - the Associate Degree and the Bachelor Degree. The colleges offer Associate Degree in a two-year long program. It fulfils the requirements of the first two years of the bachelor degree. On the other hand, the Bachelors Degree includes a number of subjects in both science and art disciplines. Besides that, a student needs to take up one particular subject as major to specialize in it. Further, students need to take a few more subjects as "electives".

Originally, a student needs to complete the Bachelor Degree in four years in the US colleges. However, he or she qualifies for a degree on completion of the necessary course work. The colleges have a system of converting the course work into credit hours. A course usually carries 3 to 4 credit hours. An aggregate of 130 to 180 credit hours is necessary for a degree. The performance of the students finally comes out in a four-point average scale. They call it as the grade point average or the GPA.

There are so many things that you need to consider before you get into a college. Those include the size, the academic and extra curricular facilities, location and so on. You should collect information about a number of US colleges so that you can finally come up with the best possible choice. For that, you can visit different campuses individually or consult some learned person.

After deciding on the college, it is time to apply. You should ideally start the application process twelve to eighteen months in advance. The US colleges specify deadlines for submission of forms. It is better to apply as early as you can.

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